ALDI Catalogue Fathers Day Gifts 23 Aug 2017 | Special Buys Week 34

ALDI Catalogue Fathers Day Gifts 23 Aug 2017Choose a cool casual clothing for your dad from the selection of ALDI Catalogue. They are viewable on pg 4-5. A classic but thoughtful gift is possible with these casual apparels. Check out shirts, shorts, underwear, boots, and polo shirts on pg 4-5. They are Spring season picks. Jeans can also be seen in the range of ALDI online. Also, shop for candies, chocolates, snacks and gift packs consisting of these candies. Maltesers bucket (465g) is a good idea of gift. These are actually side gifts. Get something to take along with. Crafting products could be a good choice. ALDI has something which your dad probably will love. Darrell Lea Milk chocolate bullets are possible among the top deals. Check out Darrell Lea Dad’s Gift bag priced at $14.99 (685g). Enough for the whole family as a sweet in celebration day.

Another interesting trade of this week is “burgers and beefs” sale. This is exactly a man’s passion if he is fond of the food. Great kits to make perfect burgers and other kind of meat to grill or fry. Plates, craft brew kit, beer glass and fry pans. View those products on pg 8-9. They’ll love it!

Electric Frypan Kmart Catalogue August 2017

Electric Frypan Kmart Catalogue August 2017Electric Frypan of Kmart would be a great tool in your kitchen. You can steam vegetables, cook meat in this deep bowled frypan. Non-stick surface of it makes cooking easier. It’s easy to clean this product. You might find this product on pg 5 of the latest Kmart Catalogue. The current price of it is only $29. There are more kitchen appliances from Kmart in that range. It has 1700W power with temperature that is adjustable. Handle it with ease. The part of this product that you must pick it from, is always cold. So it is just another convenience about the product. You might get it delivered to your address. In one 3 to 14 business days, varying upon your location, they can bring it. The price of delivery changes according to your location. It’s $10 – $16. See the price table of Kmart. There are 10 Kmart stores near Sydney. If you are living in Sydney you can easily find this product in one of these stores. I cannot say that electric frypans consume less energy than normal ones with which you need to use gas to heat. I am not sure about that but the product is so practical and easy to use. I think everybody who cooks a lot, outta have something like this.

Check out other Kmart kitchen products;

Woolworths Catalogue Food 23 – 29 August 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Food 23 - 29 August 2017Shop for awesome products of regular needs for the week and get them for cheaper values at Woolworths stores. Use this Woolworths Catalogue to make your shopping list consisting of whatever you need. On the first page of the Woolworths, find half prices for some popular products. Vittoria coffee, Cadbury chocolate and more products are featured. More half prices for snacks, beverage, chocolate bars, cereals, candies on pg 3-5. This week’s new product is Cadbury Freddo block that will be priced at only $2.50 ea! Buy Father’s Day gifts. Coffee machine and espresso capsules are on sale. Get them for half prices on pg 7. Woolies offers “low price always” deals on pg 6. Up & Go fridge pack, Devondale milk and more items are available on the new range of Woolworths Catalogue.

You will see a lot of half price deals like Campbell’s soup, Bertolli olive oil, Harvest bran oil 3L, MasterFoods traditional gravy, Suimin Noodle cup on pg 8. Old El Paso prices were dropped for this week. “Prices Dropped” deals for 5 different products from pantry range. For delicious ingredients to make wonders for dinner or lunch, check out wide range of pantry products of Woolworths. “Prices Dropped” deals for Ingham’s chicken breast munchies, Vaalia Yoghurt, Streets Blue Ribbon ice cream, frozen meals, and more products on pg 11. Shop for frozen food. Peters Drumstick pk 4-6 will be $5/each starting on Wednesday for one week. Birds Eye Deli fish is a half price ($3.49).

One of the best from this list is Weight Watchers classic menu frozen meals. Beef Lasagne and beef cottage pie are available on pg 12.

Make beef casserole, with the ingredients that you can find on pg 14. Awesome “low price always” deals for dairy products can be found on pg 15. Greek style yogurt is $3.90 this week. Get proactiv large pack for only $10 ea! Parmesan, which is the essential of classic pizza, is $3.25! Shop for more products. Dairy Farmers, Connoisseur, Gippsland dairy twist yoghurt. Obela garnished hommus is $3.50 at Woolworths (220g). Shop for fetta cheese. Castello cubed fetta is a new one at Woolworths. That might make a difference than classic fetta cheese. Check out its price on pg 17.

Fresh produce with popular products of the season. 100% Aussie fresh products are available at Woolworths. Check out broccolini, lady apples, blueberries, mandarins and more on pg 18-19. Seafood is on pg 20. The meat sale can be seen on pg 21. Australian lamb quarter chops will be $11/kg this week.

Tasty bakery, deli and wonderful prices on pg 22-23. Shop for home style scones, English muffin varieties, Golden crumpet breaks and more products on pg 22-23. Follow Woolworths Catalogue on social media to get posts like this.

Coles Catalogue Deals 23 – 29 August 2017

Coles Catalogue Deals 23 - 29 August 2017This there is a lot of half priced products again. Down down prices for packaged seafood products are available on pg 2. Check out snacks like chips of Pringles, Kettle popcorn, Mother Energy drink priced at half of the regular values. GrainWaves chips 210g will cost $1 less this week. Cocobella coconut water, Twisties and Sakata rice crackers are also on sale. Down down value for Coles natural spring water. You can get similar sort of products on pg 5-6. Don’t miss out new price of Cadbury family block! A special deal by Coles is Schweppes mineral water 1.1L that will be only $1 (half price). Oreo choc coated biscuits and The Natural confectionery Co. Family Bag, Pascali or sour patch are featured half price products as well. This week you can shop for all these products for the prices shown on the catalogue.

These are only half price products on pg 1-3. Shop for more snacks and beverage on pg 6-7. They have half price deals for pantry products including Basmati Rice, Continental soup, Vegeta Stock powder and more like these on pg 10. More down down values, this time for the pantry, that is viewable on pg 12. Try to make lasagne, with the ingredients you can find on pg 11. A lot of delicious food that is on sale on pg 11-15. Check out half prices on pg 10;

Down Down Deals for amazing food products that you love to have in your pantry;

Coles Catalogue Deals 23 - 29 August 2017 2Lovely food products including Campbell’s chunky soups, Kellogg’s nutritional breakfast corn flakes. Sweets, salty quick food, LeSnak, tomato sauce for your pizza or meals are all the awesome food products you should see. All day working and no time left for cooking, then you need these packaged quick foods. Also, see coffee variety, and more cereal food, grain products on pg 15-16. Get Mayver’s peanut butter smooth for $4 (375g), Bonne Maman Jam, Nice and Natural nut bars and more products.

Check out cool frozen food deals by Coles on pg 17-18. You might find ice cream, Birds Eye Li’L fishies hoki, SFC take home boneless bucket and many more products. McCain super fries will cost only $3. Oven bake of Birds Eye is also another good deal. Shop for Streets Cornetto 4 pk. There are 4 products at half prices ;

Try new flavour of Magnum double hazelnut. Magnum Classic Ice cream tub is a good one as well. Fresh produce including jazz apples, Aussie strawberries, Australia leek and more products are featured. View the best deals of fresh produce and packaged food on pg 19-20. See seafood deals on pg 21. Coles offers basa fillets at half price. Pay only $5.50 per kg. Down Down price of Coles family hot roast chicken is $8 for this week. More of down down prices are possible to spot on pg 22. Bakery shelf of the catalogue is full of “down down” prices;

Dairy products are on sale. Coles deals on milk, cheese variety, packaged meat are available on pg 25-26. One of the top deals is that of Primo bacon twin pack. Its price is only $5 for the whole week. Get Coles pizza (470g) that is priced at $5! Western Star spreadable is $1.30 less than previous price of it. Shop for hommus dip, Swiss cheese, Bega cheese block and more products from daiy range of Coles supermarket.

DJI Spark Drone Review 2017

DJI Spark is at the forefront of impressive features, so you can fly very comfortably without any technical details, and even control with simple hand gestures. The DJI Spark has dimensions of 143mm x 143mm x 55mm and weighs only 300 grams. It can fit into any kind of bag. You can even cling to the side of your belt like a retired dancer. Spark’s propeller arms can not fold like DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro Karma.

DJI Spark Drone Review 2017

In addition to the size, it is the first drone to be presented with different colour options at the same time. It’s a nice detail that the drone world is often trapped in its grey, black and white colours, and presented with such sweet colour choices. DJI Spark has 12 MP 1 / 2.3 “CMOS sensor that can shoot Full HD video in 30p, photo at 3,968 x 2,976 resolution in terms of video features. The digital sensor has a 25mm focal length in front of it and has an approximately 81-degree viewing angle. DJI dropped a click away from Mavic Pro, which could record 4K video in terms of video capability.

One of the biggest innovations of DJI Spark is that you can control it with your hands thanks to the PalmControl feature. Once you put the Spark in your handheld, you can then fly, and in the air you can still set directions with various hand gestures, using your hand, you can start video recording or take pictures. I’m sure some of us will feel like Jedi, who can move objects with their hands while doing these hand movements. However, there is an understandable restriction, you must be at least 3 meters from Spark in order to move with your hands.

With the PalmControl feature, you can start flying without sparking any time after you’ve started Spark. Spark has a control knob, but since it does not come in the box, it needs to be bought separately. Since you can easily control with the DJI GO application that you will download to your phone anyway, it is not an option to get a control knob. With the QuickShots feature, Spark will cut any video you shoot using these modes in 10 seconds and make it ready to share on social media. Of course, if you wish you can edit the videos you have taken with DJI GO application.

DJI Spark is the most affordable drone DJI has ever produced with ease of use and low price. With PalmControl, QuickShots and much more advanced smartphone integration, Spark seems to attract a very large audience who would like to take a new step in the drone world but who dares not.

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